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Water Treatment

Lack of clean water has been a major problem all over the world. Water from your borehole need to be treated to make sure it is safe for drinking and cleaning. Are you one of the people who need water treatment service? Kleiman Pump & Well Drilling Company is there for you. We offer water treatment services at an affordable price.

Some of the problems that we fix include;

  1. Green stains that appear on your fixtures

  2. Dirty water with brown or red color

  3. Smells that are present in water

  4. White, black or gray deposits that dot your fixtures

  5. Water treatment systems that have broken down

  6. Deposition of impurities in your pipes

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Why Treat Your Water?

Why do we need to treat our water

  1. Borehole water contain a lot of bacteria that can cause illness. Some of these bacteria are responsible for diseases such as typhoid and cholera.

  2. To make the water soft by removing impurities that makes it hard.

  3. To remove soil that is dissolved in water. Borehole water contains dissolved water that makes it unsafe for drinking and cleaning. The soil deposit on clothes stains them and they lose their initial color.

Water treatment services offered

pH balancing

We first measure the pH of the water to determine the correct method to correct it. Our experts are well conversed with this and they employ the correct mechanism to neutralize the water.

Automatic back washing systems
Magnesium and calcium sulphates are responsible of water hardening. These ions are removed by trapping them in certain systems and allowing the water to pass. Later, the ions are removed by backwashing which can be quite tedious if it is done manually. Our company have automatic backwashing systems which get rid of magnesium and calcium ions are removed as they clean the water.

Reverse osmosis (RO) systems

Reverse osmosis is one the most efficient water treatment methods used today. Through reverse osmosis water impurities are removed making it clean for drinking

Water softener

Soft water forms lather quickly and will not stain your clothes, furniture or block your drainage. Impurities in hard water are deposited in water pipes and accumulate over time blocking them. When the pipes are blocked the water cannot flow smoothly and they can break down. Repairing fee is an added cost that you can have avoid if the water was treated.

Installation and repair

Water treatment system that you buy is installed by our experts. In case of system breakdown call us and we will repair it in the shortest time possible.

If you need our water treatment services contact us now. We arrange a time that is convenient for you so that we can come to your premises or house to gather information. Our employees gather details from the well, pump, water testing, house layout and utilities arrangement. They consult with you to come up with the best working plan to solve your problems. All our suggestions and guarantees are explained to you with all the information that you may need. This helps in picking the right water treatment for you.

Our charges are competitive and within our customers reach. In fact we are not driven by money but by the urge to offer this service to the people.



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